Truth of a Deep Connection

Truth is,
neither of us ever admitted how difficult our meetings truly are.
Our Souls do their thing,
while our earth bodies do their thing.
The energy swirls between us
with such an intensity
that both of us want to pinch our skin to see if this is real.
Nobody knows what we feel
but us,
and that only complicates matters even more.

Every time we meet,
our Spirits converse at a depth our brains cannot comprehend.

And then we have the nerve to exist in a physical world,
in a physical body,
where people have physical conversations-
so we move our lips
we know something and nothing at the same time.

The Heron

Over breakfast this morning,

the heron told me, “You are not the one who needs a reality check,” and she flew away… maybe she walked, maybe she swam. To be honest, I’m not actually sure how she left- all I know is that she was there, and then she wasn’t.

The fact I heard the heron speak as my breath fell in rhythm with the Earth, told me this was real. I wasn’t believing any of it. That’s when the birds started to sing- for the first time all week. The lake began to shift it’s colour from a murky brown to pretty shades of blue and green.

Suddenly my coffee altered it’s flavour; and I knew I could no longer deny the processes taking place… 

“My coffee! Are you kidding me?” is all I thought.

Stories are stories, fables and fairytales, until they become reality. Reality, a subjective experience,  is a mere creation of the mind. Spirit though, Spirit knows the Truth from the depth of both her heart and ours.

The Change, a paradigm shift in humanity, is no longer a prophecy- it is taking place. The Blue Heron knows, she told me so.