Who Do You Really Owe?

The fine print on your credit application, is written in invisible ink. Most of us weren’t born with eyes to see the exchange rate- years of life, for access to funds we don’t even need. They’re hoping you’ll sign up for the lifetime agreement; through manipulation and greed.

Sell your body, stress it out at work, on long commutes, and deprivation from the things you love most. Accept your spirit as stagnant, don’t let it grow. They’ve got you now. They’ve made you believe you need a fancy insulated home, and they’ve avoided teaching you where all the food naturally grows.

Or listen to your soul, because who do you really owe? Do you even know?

Through some kind of forces or another (whatever philosophy you praise), you were blessed with a life. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it definitely wasn’t the World Bank. Your entire life, is sustained by resources provided by the earth. Your well-being developed by the people you love most…

Who do you really owe?

You’re selling your life to someone, or something, every day. Sell it to the right entity, because ultimately, when you’re dead, they’re the only ones who will count whether or not you’ve repaid the debt you owe.



This one’s for the young, however old you are

Sometimes, when you’re out livin’, you get carried away with living. You hop on the crazy train and realize what life is all about (for you, personally.) Suddenly all you wanna do is freakin’ live your life. You wanna play. You wanna test your limits. Go far and explore near. You wanna hug your Mom and love every ounce of freedom you’ve got. Laughing sure feels real good. Love explodes right through you, for everyone and everything. It’s almost time for a vacation from all the ecstasy. 

Then someone tells you, “You can’t do this forever you know.” (In reality, they always tell you that. Only sometimes do you hear it though.) So you go, get a job, and bank some cash. You watch the money you make rattle away in expenses to cover the cost of preparing for work, and you wonder where all your savings go. Damnet this game is hard. Future, future, future! Think future!

[ But then your brother passes away, so does your cousin. Your best friend has a near call. They’re all less than 25. And we’re supposed to bank on freedom at 75. Maybe you’ll be the lucky one summitting mountains at 85, who really knows. My Grandfather is almost 90, there is always hope. ]

Point is, if paying off your credit card makes you feel whole, then by all means go do what you need to do, to do that. In truth you know life is worth more than spending 8 hours a day at a job you hate, but maybe that’s your ticket to freedom. Or maybe it’s not. Your the only one who can tell your own truth.

Factually though, you are dying, and you will die. Death, is inevitable. So right now, quit pretending like you’ll live forever, because you won’t. Your life’s value is much higher than any other sort of currency, stop giving it away to someone who doesn’t give two shits about it.

Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile and laugh uncontrollably. Do what makes you so passionate you get right jacked up and wanna punch someone in the face (but don’t do that. Hold back and use that energy wisely, of course.)  Most of all, LOVE. Love yourself. Love your peers and Mom and Dad. Love your dog. Love what you do and all the things you touch and see and hear and feel. You are alive and this is your chance.

Hop on the crazy train- whatever train you want!- and see what life is all about. Or don’t, I don’t really care. Maybe I’m the one missing out.