The Movement

Let’s touch base with the “New Age”, “Spiritual”- or whatever you want to call it- movment. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it, and I just returned from Venus, so something’s bound to be new. What’s new, is that I now simply call any of this, “The Journey.”

What exactly does this journey entail you ask? Well, anything that reflects life; being fully alive; sacrificing our wants, to truly learn our needs; opening the heart to the unknown with full trust to the universal flow. The Journey is about self discovery; and it is continuous. It is, in simple terms, living honestly.

Look out your doorstep, see the gridded roads; see the way we demand control over our environment. Sit behind the driver’s wheel, see how you believe you are stronger than nature. Walk, notice the way the rubber on your shoes gives you super-human powers. Remember, what it was like when you were a child, always kicking your boots off so you could feel the air, feel the earth. You were in heaven when you were two, and you thought you were god at twelve.

For those of us who travel, oh how we appear impulsive, adventurous, crazy… reality is, we are remembering what it was like to travel as if we were two years old. We are remembering what it was like to see the world for the first time, and to realize how big it truly is. We remember how little control we have; only, we are grown up now, and our hissy fits are solely in being accepted for what we truly are.

What we are, is human. What’s different? We are learning to deal with the buzzing world, it’s new to us. We are learning to see past the flashing lights, remembering we have dexterity in the toes, and in our fingertips. We are learning what it’s like to use them; suddenly we have super-human powers shut out by cars that drive too fast. What do we do? And an inner panic kicks in…

The journey is about discovering the vehicle we’ve had since birth. It is about learning what our bodies are capable of, how energy is exchanged, and what sort of information we are capable of “picking up”. We are, essentially, starting anew. We are choosing friends carefully, searching, for the ones who will understand our “mad” ways. We are different, and yet we are the same. How do we explain that?

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