Game Strategy

is a game,
a cruel battle we all face,
for the same fate in the end-
We die.

Play the game,
or watch from the sidelines,
that’s your choice to make.

But me,
I want to see how far I can go,
I want to see what I am capable of.
I want it all. 

I’ll climb to failure.
Go to bed,
wake up,
and fail some more.
I’ll keep failing,
until I don’t fail anymore.

Life ain’t the lottery,
success isn’t by chance.
Aim for the high score,
even when circumstances,
which dictate it all,
will call the numbers irrelevant,
and your goals,
mean nothing anymore.

Thirty a day,
three hundred a day,
it ain’t nothing until it hits all four.
I’ll have them all.
I’m content and striving,
it’s the best of both worlds.

There are no rules,
there is no right and wrong.
I share my game strategy,
because it works,
not because I think it should be yours.

Life is a game,
it should be fun,
even when,
we all die in the end.
I’ll be laughing to my grave,
and that’s the way I want to go.

Please Don’t Tell Me What I Am


don’t tell me what I Am,
unless you truly know.
I’ve worked hard to get here,
and it’s difficult,
to avoid negative imprints on my soul.

I am not perfect.
My verbal skills are rather low,
and often,
my writing has more depth,
than what simple letters,
can show.

My photos,
are pictures from another’s eye,
and rarely of my own.
And sometimes,
I do what I do to get by,
rather than what’s true,
to the person that I Am.

See me in my laugh,
in my smile and my tears.
Feel me in my hug,
and when I miss you dear.
Our spirits speak a language,
far different from our minds;
that is who I Am,
consciousness set aside.

being wrong,
and Being wrong,
are very different things;
Help me with the first,
but the second is my best;
And I’m the only one,
who can heal the person that I Am.


Gone to Make Some Money

I’ve gone to go make some money.

Yes, I just said that.

I’m not actually anti-money; I’m not an anarchist. I just think, there isn’t a reason to buy tarps from Wal-Mart when forests are littered with them, and locally owned thrift shops have tons. I think my pants from a dumpster, just saved me $10, avoided excess waste, and just gave the soup kitchen piles of vegetables instead. I also think my footwear, acquired through a friendly exchange, was much more productive than buying cheap ones that’ll just be in the garbage in another month anyway.

I also watch people admire my life, when the only reason they aren’t doing the shit they wanna do is because their car is too nice for personal maintenance, and they waste thousands of dollars instead. Then they cry that they can’t do the things they dream of.

Anyway, I just think money isn’t an excuse. There is always a way to do whatever the hell you want, if you want it bad enough. You also have all the necessities you need  in order to carry your human to the places she or he needs to go. I promise, if you stop thinking you need new shoes, and just drive somewhere cool instead, you’ll be pleased.

Experiences are more valuable than objects, and I like to live that motto the best that I can. Which, is why I am finally going to go make some money. I want a little more on the experience level, and it’s time to enter new terrain.

Since it seems, in order to make any sort of decent money, in decent time (because time is precious), you must choose the lesser of the evils- so it is, treeplanting I go. I’ll take part in masking the devastation of deforestation, I guess. At least it’s trying to do better, right? At least it’ll provide me with what I need for the next step in my life goals while still racking in another positive experience with like-minded people. Finding the good in everything takes a little work, but is so worth the effort.

Sending love galore, and vibes of beauty and appreciation all around. x0x