There just isn’t a title for beautiful…


I got a job.
Instead of a handshake,
we hugged.
I hugged so many people.
Some I met for 30 seconds,
and some I’ve known for 30 days,
but most were new to me.


I stood on the highway,
for less than two minutes,
when two cars stopped,
seconds a part,
to pick me up.
They even waited,
to make sure communication was straight,
and I had a ride in the direction I was headed.


I met some new friends,
and probably had the most wholesome hitch yet.
I think I have a friendly coffee date ahead.

They drove me home to the van,
which I’ve left unlocked,
parked in random locations,
like on a highway pull out,
for over two weeks.
The keys have been in the vehicle,
accessible for anyone who wants them.


I found the van was still the van,
with the same old mess.
Daniel, who I do not know,
broke in,
and left a Tim Card in my cup holder.

He also told me to call if there ever was an emergency,
to which I felt,
was a genuine note. 


When I tried to drive away,
I learned my tire was beyond flat.
Some random man waved me down.
He wanted to make sure I realized what was happening,
as I ricocheted through the parking lot.
We exchanged smiles, 
and I laughed at the situation I was finding myself.

Life really is a matter of perspective.
Choose to see good,
and good you will see.
Choose to love,
and love you will receive.
Live and love and laugh,
appreciate all the beauty too.
Trust such currency,
and it will surely find you.

Maybe I am crazy,
but this trend has yet to fail me.
I’d rather be locked  up in a nut house,
than believe any differently.

was the kind of day,
which played the truth before me.

Life of a Gyspy

Some recent time ago (I’ve lost track of time entirely) I drove 4,000 km from one home to another, with no real destination in mind… just a general vicinity of 944, 735km squared (British Columbia bound.) Now I’m here, and have been for a month? Almost two, I think. I’m no further on putting my human in one location. I’ve reached maximum nomad status.

Recently I’ve been hopping on and off ships, from Vancouver Island to the Mainland, like it’s a casual thing to do. Like leaving my van at some random pull off on the highway- so I can cross the ocean and hitchike down an island twice the size of Japan- is a little commute. This mini trip is all so I can do a few dishes in exchange for food, enabling me to paddle and hike somewhere new. Then I’ll hop back to familiar territory, and fall in love with the old familiar ocean inlets and granite monoliths of the Sea to Sky Corridor, only to miss the new home I found across shore.

Every now and again, I find a little cash work, and hear back in regards to more “permanent” opportunties. Some would send me up to the bush of Northern B.C, chucking trees in holes for a few pennies each. Others have had me scrub toilets in places I’d love to be, and some opportunities sprout up, doing casual work in my returning home of Squamish, B.C.

From a third party view, I’d wonder what this girl is really up to. Why is she using her life the way she’s using her life?

I weigh the pros and cons of each. I consider the student loans, the half finished courses, and all the places I need to be. I consider the jobs I want to do, the ones I need to do and should do. Then the thinking drives me mad, and I just do what feels  right. Suddenly I’m floating high on Cloud 9 with more positive opportunities than I can fit in this tiny little  life of mine.

Sunshine and wildflowers everywhere I go.
That’s why I do what I do.

And now that I’ve confused you all the more, I’ll let you know in simple terms, that I’ve been chillin’ in Squamish and back to Strathcona Park Lodge. Most of you outdoorsy people will know, but to the rest of you, these are just a few more magical places you should probably go. They’ve got a way of curing the soul, while pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Laughter is constantly on overflow,
and I’m not sure what else is better to live for…

Money has it’s place, but love really is what makes you rich.
All of this has become engraved in my gypsy soul