A letter of gratitude

This one, is just a thank-you.

It’s a thanks to the people who have helped me out when in a financial bind:
Know that I am on a journey with a purpose, and it is you who has made it possible to continue forward. To most of you who fall into this category, the things I do will probably never make sense- please be patient, and have some trust in the direction I am headed. This is all for you as much as it is me, your children, and your children’s children.

And thanks to those of you who have supported me emotionally:
It is not often that you find me beaten down, but time and again I do get lost and confused. Many of you come through my life, not to make me laugh, but to remind me who I am. Thanks to you, I can experience a multitude of different perspectives and experiences, yet always return to the self that I need to be. Some of you will understand the significance, and some of you won’t. Just know that all of you who have come through my life play(ed) a very important role.

For those of you have taken care of my dog when I couldn’t, know that it was you who held my anchor:
Freedom gives me somewhere to go back to- somewhere that I can collect my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. She makes it possible for me to put the work that I do to use. It may seem crazy, but I need her in my life; thanks for making it possible.

I can seem crazy, sporadic, spontaneous, or whatever else comes to mind. In reality though, I simply follow my intuition. In other words, I know without knowing; but if I knew, I’d tell you. I’d tell you because, I am on a journey that is beyond physical and one that I cannot deny- it is also one that you are a part of.

So thanks for being a part of it