Please Don’t Tell Me What I Am


don’t tell me what I Am,
unless you truly know.
I’ve worked hard to get here,
and it’s difficult,
to avoid negative imprints on my soul.

I am not perfect.
My verbal skills are rather low,
and often,
my writing has more depth,
than what simple letters,
can show.

My photos,
are pictures from another’s eye,
and rarely of my own.
And sometimes,
I do what I do to get by,
rather than what’s true,
to the person that I Am.

See me in my laugh,
in my smile and my tears.
Feel me in my hug,
and when I miss you dear.
Our spirits speak a language,
far different from our minds;
that is who I Am,
consciousness set aside.

being wrong,
and Being wrong,
are very different things;
Help me with the first,
but the second is my best;
And I’m the only one,
who can heal the person that I Am.


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