Roads and Highways; Words and Language

In the forest and the desert…

When in search of some miscellaneous trail, you’ll often hear people, “looking for the road.” It means we are looking for earth that has been marked by animal footprints prior to our own.

If that road happens to be two person wide, it’s probably a highway to a point of significant interest- a viewpoint to take a bearing, or a river to fill water, perhaps.

But here…

A road is earth that has been manipulated and placed in predetermined locations, planned by the conscious human mind, to serve the human race.

A highway may consist of two or four lanes, or it may consist of sixteen. The highway leads to more roads.


a word is just a word, with a direct and simple meaning; but strung together, words have a depth which is virtually unknown. In the end, I’m not so sure¬†words can be accurate in any sort of way.

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