So here’s the jist…

This all started out with what was intended to be a typical annual climbing trip down at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. Thanks to a good friend of ours (Johnny, another wild child with a zest for life) we ended up skydiving, mountain biking, indoor surfing, and general exploring for the week. Basically, we had an unreal adventure in a man’s dominated world. And you know what! We flippin’ rocked it! That week the girls and I also realized how few women fully engage in the extreme sports and how much we wanted that to change. When we are working stuff, we want to be inspired by other women, and rooted on by other girls who understand our passion.
Most of the inspiration to work hard came from a route that started with a dyno. For you non-climbers, that’s basically jumping off of a cliff to reach your next hold. We worked for hours learning to do it. Turns out the dyno really wasn’t that difficult and we were probably just overly stoked, stopped thinking, and missed the beta (a matter of using the right hand instead of the left.) Point being, we WANTED that dyno. Just like we WANTED to get our own rope up there, with ABSOLUTE refusal to let any of the boys run our line for us. As a climber, when it takes you an hour and a half to move 10 feet off the ground, you usually walk away. At least for the time being anyway. Us girls though, we were sold on our commitment to beat that rock. 

Although we do think that it would be pretty freakin’ awesome to see more ladies out pushing the boundaries with us, we understand that that stuff isn’t for everyone. So here isn’t to suggest following exactly in our footsteps and start jumping out of planes or zooming down mountains at dangerous speeds on your bike; what we are suggesting is that you find your own passion and you work your butt off to become the best that you can be at whatever it is you are working at. This means trying new things, stepping past your comfort zone and working harder than you ever have before. Even when your muscles are aching and your mind is telling you you’ve had enough, keep on pushing, you can do it. Whatever you truly want, you can have.
Much of the next little while this site will be focused on women. Mostly this is because that is what I am. I am also pretty tired of being “one of the guys” as soon as I enter the guy dominated community of extreme sports- I am a girl. I wear flowers in my hair, I like pretty dresses, cute shoes, and putting on make up from time to time. But that doesn’t drown out my passion for real adventure either.

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