Any Direction You Choose

That moment when you realize that you have choice, you can go in any direction you choose? None of them are safe, and every single one will have life changing consequences? The kind you anticipated, but the kind you weren’t ready for. You danced around the idea, touched the limits, and retreated back to your safety net for a better day?

Then Bam! it’s there. Right in front of you.

You can run away still. Back to where you came from, safe and sound. You have a choice, you always have a choice.

You know that…

But somewhere along the line, you learned that safety isn’t real. There are no guarantees to anything. You can plant comforting ideas in your mind if you want to, but you know that believing in fairytales is only a distraction from reality.

So you have a choice, you can go in any direction you choose…
You can finally break free from the boundaries you’ve made, if you want to.You can stay. Or you can  go back to where you came from too.

 It’s completely up to you.

This isn’t something that can be put into words, there is no rhyme or reason. It’s just life unfolding, and you either do what you love or you don’t. Some will understand, and some won’t.

Some will disagree, they’ll have every bit of better advice for you. Even fewer will believe in you, and even less will support youSome will guilt trip you for leaving them out of the equation, some will become inspired, and others just won’t give a damn.

That’s just what happens when you go the direction you choose.

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