The Beginning

So let’s be clear, none of us girls are claiming to be professionals. Nor are we trying to convince you that we are crazy good at the things we do. In fact: We are at the beginning of our outdoor careers and only average in our skill levels.


Our desire to explore our true potential is strong enough that each of us is willing to put “real life” on hold. We are willing to jump in, take a risk, and toss everything we’ve been taught out the door in order to see who we can become. On our own accord, we are setting out to develop our own standards of success.

Entering Spring 2014:

– All 5.10 sport climbers, V1/V2 boulderers, and one 5.8 trad climber
– One intermediate rider and two who have been biking only a handful of times
– One skydiver with just over 25 jumps and two who have only done a tandem
– One skiier, one snowboarder, and one tobogganer

At the beginning of 2015 we aim to hit the road to adventure (somewhere) and do a whack ton of awesome things. Thing is, we are a stubborn group of girls, the kind you will often find trying things way above their skill level for no other reason than, “because it’s there”. You can’t deny a beautiful piece of rock, an awesome looking trail, or the chance to try a new parachute (Holly!)

But, if we are going to survive with all our limbs in tact, we are most definitely going to have to amp up our skill level by a long run.


In order to be successful, we are going to have to be confident enough to push the boundaries and be comfortable with change. We must be adamant about where our limits lie, and clear with the direction we wish to take our athletic pursuits (to ourselves anyway). Furthermore, we must stick to the belief that we are the only ones who can determine our potential.

We’re each individuals with a different direction of where we want to take our sports. All three of us however, aspire to exceed average and surpass our own personal goals, multiple times over, while maintaining respect for the world around us.

Skydive girls

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